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Metal Detecting at Old or Current Fairground Sites


To find the old locations, research is the key. If you have not stayed in the area very long, look for some folks who have. There are many locations where fairs and carnivals set up which are no longer there.

Also at the current locations, right after the carnival packs up and leaves is good for coin and jewelry hunting.

The one area I was always happy to locate was the penny-pitching site. On one occasion we searched and found a location where the carnival used to set up some 30-40 years ago. The lot was still vacant. We talked to some older neighbors that lived in the area and asked them if they ever went to the event. Did they remember were some of the money pitching sites were located? If we had a site to search we would square off an area with rope or string, so we would do a "grid" search.

Locate where the Ferris wheel was set up. You could get lucky and find coins and possibly a ring or bracelet.

Remember, adults love to get on the rides too. You know the roller coasters, the ones that turn upside down? I never like those darn things, but you can find some great items under them.

I love the fairs where the audience stands are set up with sawdust under them. When items fall into the sawdust, they are usually lost, until you come along with your trusty metal detector. Happy treasure hunting.

Source by Joseph Buffalo