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Long story but a nice ending. Returned Dog Tags.


Three weeks ago I went into London (Ontario) to detect in some school yards. About six inches down I found a clump that turned out to be a choker collar with three tags attached. I cleaned them and found a man’s name and address. Using Google I found his obituary. He had passed away almost exactly one year earlier from the day I found the tags. His obituary had many relatives names. Turns out his widow is a professor out west. Thanks to Facebook, I was easily able to locate her e-mail address. I wrote a carefully worded e-mail. I didn’t want to sound too ‘stockie’ as my wife puts it. I told her what I had found and that they are hers if she wants them. I don’t want any money and I’ll pay for shipping if she wanted them back. I sent the e-mail and heard nothing for three weeks. On Monday I received an e-mail from the deceased’s brother. He wanted the tags and he was in London. I replied with my Cell number. Today I got a call from the deceased’s sister. The dogs name was Mandy and in 1973 she got loose and ran off into a field. She came back without her tags. At the funeral his sister even spoke about Mandy and how everyone knew her brother and dog were coming because of the clinking of Mandy’s tags. They were very close. Tonight I’m going back into London to return the tags that were lost almost 44 years ago. I was offered money but of course I’ve refused. This is one of the reasons I detect!

TLDR: I found 49 year old dog tags. The dog belonged to a little boy who grew up and passed away in 2016. I’m returning the tags to his sister.

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  1. soulteepee - June 8, 2017 4:37 am

    That’s a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it! I’m going to sleep tonight with a smile.

  2. black651 - June 8, 2017 6:06 pm

    That was very nice of you! Great job!