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How to Start Your Metal Building Project


You need to consider a number of issues before beginning any metal building project. Here are six essential aspects that need to be decided on before starting.

The first consideration is your budget and how much money you have available to fund your project. Many people make the mistake of having funding for the initial phase of their project but then not having the monetary resources for the completion. If your budget is limited you may want to consider a smaller building initially that can expand to a larger facility as additional funds become available.

The purchase of a cheap metal “economy” building is not advised. These buildings can quickly become money nightmares on maintenance issues. Purchase the highest quality metal building you can afford to minimize your maintenance expenses.

Most metal buildings do not come with components as a complete building package. If you will be needing doors, windows, vents, insulation, or any other components you should know that these are purchased separately from the base building package.

Do remember in many cases, the foundation base cost is usually extra and carried out by a separate contractor.

Figure the amount and pricing of the components you need to complete your building first before purchasing the building to see if your budget is in line.

Make sure you know the exact height of the metal building that you require. Add 3 or 4 feet in height more than your tallest door or entrance clearance requirement. You should check your local building regulation before deciding the height clearance required by law.

The erector for your metal building project will rarely offer preparation of your site. You have that responsibility and to make sure you budget accordingly for these improvements.

The site needs to be cleared of all foliage and in some cases leveled. Contact a local landscaping company that has done this type of work before if you do not have the time or manpower to do clear the land yourself.

You want to be sure that your new metal building has the space required for its use. Even though metal buildings are expandable do not cut size requirements initially and complicate your space requirements by growing “out of your building” quicker than expected. Budget for as much space as required by your design requirements.

The use of your metal building is important. You will probably need to go with clear-span metal frame construction if your needs are for a column-free interior environment such as a metal warehouses, metal office complex buildings or aircraft hangers.Clear-span accommodates up to 300 feet in width but is a more expensive system.

You can save money if the application of interior columns is not an issue in a manufacturing facility, for example. This is called a multi-span metal frame system.

Source by Jim G Davidson