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How to Metal Detect Easily!


Do you say to yourself "I never find anything when I go out treasure hunting except metal pull tabs?" You wish you would. Your hiring one day you can find your big find. You're just not sure how to go about finding your treasures? Are there any ways to metal detect that will help you find treasures? The answer is yes. I know how frustrating it can be to go out day after day with nothing to show for it. Try doing these few things and you will see results in your treasure hunting.

This may sound really simple but it's worth doing and doing a lot. Gather different kinds of metal objects. Borrow some if necessary. When you have gathered all of your metal objects, place them in different areas of your yard. It would even be better if you have a friend place the objects around your yard. Take your metal detector and start learning the differences in tone for the different types of metals. This does take practice, be patient. In time you will begin to tell the differences in the metals worth digging up.

The second thing I recommend is metal detecting after it rains. Of coarse you do not want to go after a torrential down pour. You will notice after it rains items come to the surface, which makes metal items easier to find. The metal items that raise to the top will amaze you. My last recommendation is bringing tools. Tools will help with the entire metal detection experience. The garden trowel and a bag are essential. The garden trowel will help with the digging and the bag will be a place for your finds.

Source by Michael Salter