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How to Be Successful at Metal Detecting When You Go to the Beach


Metal detecting at the beach is one of the best places for new and experienced metal detector enthusiasts. The beach is the best because of so many great reasons.

One of the top reasons is because there are so many people who frequent it. With so many people, there are many opportunities for lost items.

Coins and small jewelry are easily lost in the sand because the moment these items get dropped, it gets lost in the sand and the best way to find them is with a metal detector. And with so many people applying lotion and sunscreen, it makes it that much easier for something to slip from their hands.

Wait for the Beach to Clear to Start Your Hunt

The best time to search the beach is when most everyone has left. When everyone has gone home, anything left behind is yours to discover.

Pick Up Everything You Detect

When first starting out, grab everything your metal detector finds. You never know when a worthless looking coin is actually a valuable piece of money. More often than not that piece of metal is actually worth something when you scrutinize it later. So take a large bucket and make sure your metal detector is set to "all metal search".

Mentally Map Out a Search Grid

Mentally draw a line between the low and high tide areas and go about ten to twelve feet from each side of the mark starting in the center. Make sure to go to both sides of your search area and use it as your separation line. After you figure out your search grid, it's your decision on where to start but make sure not to leave out any small space.

Be Familiar With Your Metal Detector

It's not hard to miss something valuable when you're not familiar with how to use your metal detector. It's easy to sweep an area too fast because of impatience. Take your time.

The right way to use your metal detector is to sweep from side to side making sure to span about four seconds on each side. This gives you more time to find something under the sand so you do not miss any important treasures.

During your search for valuables, do not forget to keep track of the areas you already linked through so as not to search it again.

So as to make sure you do not miss an area, use a zigzag pattern to go through your grids. You can also retrace your search areas as to make sure you did not miss anything.

There is a great joy you can get from metal detecting at the beach. It's similar to golfing where you have a specific purpose but also the pleasure of walking the course. Metal detecting at the beach is not just a great hobby but also can bring you a lucrative income.

Source by M Doyle