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Great Ideas of Places to Start Metal Detecting – Treasure Hunting in Your Own Back Yard


After you've purchased your metal detector and become familiar with how it works, you're ready to start finding the loot! Now comes the question, "Where should I go?" You probably already have some areas in mind where to start hunting. Here are some ideas you may not have thought about. Think of places where people long ago would congregate, then check out those places for the old coins and relics.

  • Church Yards : Remember the quality coins and relics will most likely be found in older areas. Consider places that have been around since the turn of the 20th century or longer. Churches are more than likely to be some of the oldest buildings in any city or town. When a town was just forming, after the people started to settle, churches were one of the first buildings to be built and would be the focal place where everyone would meet. Many old churches still stand and are great places to hunt.
  • Gazebos : Some parks have old gazebos and bands where long ago people would gather for hours of entertainment. You may find some old coins there.
  • Stadiums : Beneath old stadium bleachers are a great source also. Old public stadiums as well as old school stadiums that have been around a long time. Crowds of people sat on the bleachers to watch their favorite sport and some would lose money that would fall under the bleachers.
  • Amusement Parks : There is a small amusement park I went to go as a child. It is no longer in service, but it is a great place to take my metal detector.
  • City Square: The city square is where most small towns have a courthouse. These are most always very old buildings that have had lots of traffic. Check in the grassy areas between sidewalks. These are good areas where coins get dropped.
  • Schools: Check old schools in your area. The older the better. There is usually a cornerstone or something staging what year a school is built.

There is a host of other locations to take your metal detector. My suggestions should give you lots of ideas and areas to think about where you live. The list is as long as your imagination. Think about it, coins will be found where people exchanged money. Old coins and relics can be found in areas where people gathered many years ago. Think of grandma and grandpa or great grandma and great grandpa … even great-great grandma and great-great grandpa. Where did they go to see neighbors, be entertained, gather and congregate? Go there and take your metal detector .

As always, remember to get permission before you hunt. In most cases you should not run into any problems. If hunting on someone's private property, always offer to return any of the residents lost jewelry that you may come across.

Find Your Treasure!

Source by Candy L Lindsey