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Gold Detector Hints and Tips


Although there is no such thing as the "best gold detector" on the market i have compiled a list of handy tips on how to get the best out of yours.

1) Always bring lots of water to your treasure hunt: Always, always, always bring more water then you think you need. Dehydration can and will kill you if you do not respect it. once again. ALWAYS TAKE PLENTY OF WATER.

2) Check the weather the day before a hunt: Gold detectors can be servery damaged by bad and damaging weather so be sure to keep them out of heavy rain or snow.

3) Do not step on other treasure hunters toes: – Unfortunately in this hobby, sharing is not often seen as courtesy. Avoid other treasure hunters areas or it could get ugly.

4) Always bring extra batteries for your metal detector: You will feel a bit silly if this happens to you (I know i did) so do not let it happen. Take a full fully charged battery to keep you going for longer.

5) Check the law: If going gold detecting in other countries do not forget to check their laws. They may not be the same as your native country

6) Do not discriminate: Now a lot of people call me crazy for saying this but I would definitely dig up fifty pieces of trash and find one good treasure then potentially miss something of interest. If your detector is not finding anything lower your discrimination. Sure you will pick up trash but, you also may come across a hell of a find that you would of otherwise missed.

7) Dispose of trash: Be sure to dispose all your trash you find in a environmentally sound way. This serves two purposes:

1) keeps the environment clean (remember to always respect the land around you)

2) More importantly it keeps you from detecting the same trash time and again.

8) Go out on a hunt after rain: Now we all know that water is a great conductor but many people do not put two-and-two together when it comes to looking for gold. After rain the ground becomes wet and becomes a much better conductor for electricity meaning the detector can "sense" metal objects (weather they are coins or gold) a lot deeper and clearer. Give it a go you may just be surprised.

9) Use a coil cap: Once again sounds simple yet a lot of people do not use them. Coil caps (Simply a protective cap that goes over your gold detectors coil) are quite cheap when compared to a new coil. you can pick them up at your local detector store or even amazon quite easily.

10) Buy a good gold detector: A little bit of research will go a long way. To find out more about the art of gold detecting check out this gold detector site

Source by Shaun Carroll