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Give Your Health a Boost With Metal Detecting


Metal detecting is not the esoteric hobby most people assumed it is to be. Metal detecting, at times, can be lucrative and practical. Precious metals abound – someone just needs to find it.

But it is not all about wealth and treasures when it comes to finding treasures and using metal detectors. A lot can also be said about the health benefits of metal detecting. True, a lot of those precious metals – if you strike it big – can pay off your health insurance but even without finding a single coin, this hobby or recreational activity can boost and protect your health.

· Metal detecting takes you outdoors.

The best places for detecting are beaches, parks, campgrounds, or farmlands. The point is, you are outdoors and breathing fresh air.

· It allows you to soak up some sun.

The sun gives you Vitamin D which prevents bone disease and degeneration. It keeps bones from becoming brittle and frail. Sun exposure also stimulates your body to release feel-good hormones, making you less prone to anxiety attacks and depression.

· It encourages you to walk.

Because it involves several hours of walking, hiking, and climbing. Detecting is a good cardio and aerobic exercise which strengthens your respiratory system and heart.

· It keeps you fit and toned.

All that walking and swinging your equipment around contribute to a fitter and toner physique. Walking keeps your leg muscles toned while your detecting implement functions as a weight when you carry it around. It can keep your arms toned – just remember to switch hands periodically to avoid strain.

· Detecting keeps stress at bay.

Some people do yoga for stress relief because it gives them time to think and meditate while exercising. Metal detecting does the same. The quiet and peace metal detecting provides is great for relieving stress.

There is more to this activity than just finding lost treasures. Keep this in mind when picking out a new metal detector and deciding what site to explore. If you intend to pursue metal detecting as a hobby and a form of exercise, you may want to use a high quality metal detector for more success.

Source by Sylvan Newby