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Garret Metal Detectors


Would you like to find some hidden treasure? There are many metal detector companies out there as well as different metal detectors. If you are looking for metal detectors there is no doubt Garret metal detectors is the leading manufacturer of detection products for security and law enforcement agencies around the world. They are well built and easy to use. They were invented by Charles Garret in 1964 and they are technologically advanced. He was awarded the first US patent for a computer chip in a detector! In fact, they are so good they were chosen for the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984. That was the first time that detection products were used and since then Garret has provided training for both the summer and Winter Olympic Games.

Garret has also provided detectors at the Vancouver 2010 and Beijing 2008 Games. They have supplied equipment for an astounding nine Olympic Games which include Torino 2006, Athens 2004, Salt Lake City 2002, Sydney 2002, Nagano 1998, Atlanta 1996, Barcelona 1992, Seoul 1998 and Los Angeles 1984. There is no doubt Garret Metal Detectors are in demand from this list. These detectors are used in airports, prisons, shopping malls and more. Garret carries hand-held, walk-through and ground search types. Depending on the unit the prices range from a couple hundred to a couple of thousand. Most corporate and government institutions only use Garret because it is so trusted for security issues.

If you are looking for a metal detector for your personal, business, criminal needs then you need not look any farther than Garret Metal Detectors. They are the leader in metal detection equipment so check out the site and see for yourself!

Source by Amber Whitman-Currier