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Coin Metal Detectors: How To Clean Your Finds


When you are ready to clean your coins, consider the following methods:

Tumbling Method
This is a good technique if you need to clean a large number of silver dollars or wheat pennies. As its name suggest this method cleans coins by tumbling them around and removing chunks of dirt. You can get a rock tumbler where treasure hunting equipment is sold. Load the coins into the tumbler and tumble them around for as long and as many times as needed to get the dirt off.

Baking Soda Method
This method works best with silver. Wet a silver dollar and dredge it in baking soda. Take a toothbrush and brush the coin. This method can save your silver coins from tarnishing sans the scratch marks. Baking soda can also make your coins look shiny.

White Vinegar Method
For copper coins and pennies, the white vinegar method is best. Put your pennies in a plastic drink container and fill the container with enough vinegar to cover them. Your metal detector is going to find all kinds of strange things … Apple cider vinegar is best since it is acidic enough to clean but not too harsh to damage your coins. Screw the cap on and shake. Leave them in the jar to sit overnight then rinse with water until water runs clear.

Jewelry cleaners are good for polishing coins after cleaning. It is also best to set your metal detectors' sensitivity to all metals when hunting. By lowering your discrimination, you may speed up response and shorten null times. We hope that will improve your coin shooting experience and save you the pain of doing it the wrong and difficult way.

Source by Brian Devereux