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Can You Make Money With Your Metal Detector?


Make Money Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is a fun hobby for you and your whole family, but can you actually make money metal detecting. Absolutely!

Obviously finding coins is immediately lucrative. I’ve known people who ‘pay for’ their metal detector simply by finding current day coins. This is usually found is areas where there have been lots of people exchanging money, for instance, county fairs, sporting events, etc. Anywhere people exchange money is always a good place to look for dropped coins. You may have to roll a few coin wrappers, but it does add up!

More rewarding is searching for silver and gold coins. Detectors with a good discriminator are great for finding older coins around old homes, buildings that have been abandoned, etc. At this time, silver coins are worth many times more than their face value. If the coins are in good condition, some may be of value to a collector.

Relic detecting can also be profitable. Finding old military buttons, shells and ammunition from the Civil War or from centuries past are collector items and there are people who are interested in preserving those items. Relics of all kinds can be found about anywhere. Yes, you do have to sift through lots of useless stuff too, but coming up with a historical find can be very satisfying as well as profitable.

You might be interested in starting a business with your metal detector. For instance, you can offer a business that finds lost items, metal items of course. You can’t find Miss Pitty’s lost kitty, but you can find lost jewelry and things. Put an ad in the classified section of your local paper. Maybe an ad on Craig’s List too. When someone loses a cherished wedding ring, a diamond brooch or a family keepsake, etc. they would probably be willing to pay a fee to someone who can find it for them. You can add your ability to find survey markers or underground wires also. Charge a reasonable fee and you’re on your way to establishing a part-time venture that can bring in extra income.

On a much larger scale there are people making money searching for meteorites. There is a better chance of finding meteorites in the western United States, but, I mean, they do fall out of the sky don’t they? Sky is everywhere, right? Meteorites can bring as much as $1,000 per ounce or more. I’ve seen a show on TV where a couple of guys make their living finding meteorites. They travel all over the world. How fun would that be?

You may also be interested in cashing in on this ‘gold fever’ that is taking place. I’m a huge fan of “Alaska Gold Rush”, but don’t have the large equipment and knowledge necessary to go off to Alaska and mine for gold. So, let’s try “nugget shooting”, a term used to describe metal detecting for gold nuggets near the surface. It can be done anywhere you think gold may be hidden. Some of the places that come to mind are deserts, riverbeds, around old gold mine shafts. Research your area and see what you can come up with. I suggest joining a nugget shooting forum, or you may have a metal detecting club in your area. There is so much you can learn from these mediums.

So shop for the metal detector that will serve your needs and get started making some loot! Happy Treasure Hunting.

Source by Candy L Lindsey