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Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors – 3 Tips For Buying


So, let us look at some things to think about when looking to buy a Bounty Hunter.

1. Ask yourself where you plan to you your metal detector. Do you live near the coast, so that the beach will be your main "stomping grounds"? Are you in a hilly area, and so need something for that sort of terrain? The beach is a nice open area, but it is also wet; so a waterproof model is what you will want.

2. How long to you plan to use the detector on a daily basis? This is where the size and type of batteries will be important. If you are planning to be out in the field all day, you will need to get a model that either has a very good battery or you will have to have extras around. Of course, more batteries means you will need to have a charging kit to keep them all primed and ready for use. So, that is yet another expense to think about.

3. Do your homework. Check out the latest technologies that are available. If this is your first metal detector, consider buying an older model if a new one has just come out; you may get a good deal. Also, talk to people who know about the detectors. You can get professional advice online, from trade papers, and from local clubs. Yes, there are metal detector clubs; they like to think of themselves as treasure or relic hunters. See if there are any clubs in your area, and talk to the members. By doing a bit of proper research, you can find just the right Bounty Hunter metal detector for your needs.

Source by Joseph Mettler