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Beach Metal Detecting


One of the most rewarding places to take your Whites Metal Detector is the beach. This page will give some tips to stay ahead of the curve when beach metal detecting.

The first thing you want to consider is the competition. Unlike 10 years ago, everyone seems to have a metal detector. That means it will be harder to find good finds. But not to worry; you can still get some really wonderful use out of you Whites Metal Detector even with the influx of competition. Here are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

* Slow down and have fun. Remember this hobby is all about having a wonderful time.
* Try to find a less crowded beach. Most areas close to the shore have nice areas that are not as frequented by people.
* Do not be afraid to shift through some junk in order to find your treasure. Sometimes the best stuff in the world is surrounded by a sea of ​​unwanted junk. So get your hands dirty and start going through everything.
* Wake up earlier. Even being 30 minutes ahead of your competition can mean all the difference in the world.
* Start later! Not a morning person. No worries. You can try going when most people are ready to leave the beach. Depending on the season, it may not get dark until late. If you go at night be very careful; there is high tide.
* Winter Wonderland? Why not go out when it is cold. If you are close enough to a beach during the winter months, you can always go then.
* Also consider going out on Sundays, after an exhausting and long weekend.

As you can see there are numerous ways to deal with higher competition. And do not be afraid to get your Whites metal detector dirty; this applies for all metal detecting venues, not just beach metal detecting. You have to get your detector close enough to sense something. Remember, some of your prized treasure will be slightly under the surface. After all, what manner of pirate would hide his / her precious treasure in plain sight for landlubbers to claim;).

Most of all, be sure to be courteous and respectful of others. When everyone shows each other respect, everyone has fun and the hobby never becomes a burden. Beach metal detecting is all about the fun. If you do not live near an ocean shoreline, you can always try out your Whites metal detector near a lake.

Source by Marcus Leeper