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Be the One That Finds Metal Detecting Treasures!


When you struggle for days, and you can not find anything with metal detecting technology, the answer may not be in your technology but in the way you look for treasure. If you want to be the one who finds metal detecting treasures, you must be armed with something more than a metal detector, and that is patience.

Some people go crazy on metal detecting, and look for valuable things on the shore in the winter, in the summer, all they long, and they still can not find anything really worth something. If you are one of these people, you must know that metal detecting is also about science and nature. Do not battle the freezing winter winds, and do not spend days and days on the beach in a burning sun. You have to let nature work for you. The sea is a true remarkable nature construction. Winds and currents will turn and twist the sand, and the only thing you have to do is wait and be patient about it. Instead, look for valuable things, right after a windy storm. This will improve your chances if you are the one who this a hobby and a life passion.

Living in the woods may bring you another advantage, just make sure you have a compass and you know where you left of, geographically speaking. There are a lot of magnificent things hidden in the forest, and you can be the one who find treasures in here.

Simply follow ruins, or old wagon tracks, and even uncirculated pathways. These may not have been walked by people for quite some time, and then, you will increase the chances of finding something before someone else does. Old foundations are even better to look in. You may never know what you'll find there, and the older the foundation the better chances you have to find a hidden treasure.

Metal detecting in riverbanks is another great option you can exploit. In old days, colonies used to spend most of their time here, swimming, fishing and even living near a river. This will improve the chances you have to get a valuable and old treasure. Sometimes, you might want to reconsider your idea on finding gold. If you want to be the one who finds metal detecting treasure, you have to forget about gold, and keep your mind on artifacts as well. They can easily worth more than just gold.

The fields can be another great location. However, be careful while looking in these areas, as you may need to have permission from the owner to look for treasure there.

A few of these areas have been used as camps during wars, so you can get the chance to find gold and artifacts all at once.

Even if metal detecting may be a tricky business more than it is a hobby, if you are a person who finds metal detecting a great way to spend some free time, you can discover that while you enjoy yourself by this small treasure hunt, you can actually find something worth a fortune.

Source by Ronald G Hoff