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Asus MYPAL A636N


As usual, when it comes to hardware, Asus does not disappoint. Its MYPAL A636N is not only a great PDA, but its built-in GPS functionality is the cherry on top. Because this is a PDA-first device, you will find an array of features often found in PDAs, built into the MYPAL A636N. Some of these features include Bluetooth, 802.11b / g connectivity, and Windows Mobile 5. Under the hood, the A636N sports a 416MHz XScale processor with 128MB flash ROM and 64MB flash RAM. Aesthetically, this FDA looks great too. It features a brushed-metal finish with a gun-metal gray body. On the front panel, just below the LCD, you will find a speaker, GPS navigation controls, and pocket PC controls. Looking a little closer at the controls, you should notice that their labels are sideways – this is because the MYPAL A636N was designed to be used horizontally when in GPS mode.

Flipping the screen horizontally or vertically is done by clicking an icon on the screen. On the back of this hybrid PDA / GPS unit is a little foldout GPS antenna, which features a swivel access, allowing you to adjust the reception angle for optimal satellite pickup. Looking at the bundle this device ships with, we were vary impressed. Everything you need is included with this device, including a car cradle, car charger and carry pouch. While the MYPAL A636N works great, it has one drawback: it does not ship with GPS software. This means you will have to purchase it separately. We tested this unit with HandyMap Al Gold Edition and can highly recommend this combination. As a PDA this device is second to none. Not only is it very quick when loading applications, but the built-in wireless capabilities make this a great business tool.

Source by Marius Bezuidenhout