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Advanced Coin and Treasure Hunting Tips Finding New Locations to Treasure Hunt


There will always be new and profitable locations in which you can metal detect, you do not always have to go back to the same locations time and time again. If you use some imagination there are a lot of places that you can metal detect that you may not think of in the first place.

There are a lot of treasure, relic, and coins that have been just lying around for centers waiting for you to come find them. Think about what is going on in the area that you live in there possibly could have been civil wars, festivals, and anything you can possibly think of where large gathering of people come together. When people come together people tend to lose things and their loss is your gain.

If you live near a body water or the ocean you always go to the beach to find new treasure. There will always a lot of people who come to the beach and one thing is for certain people will lose valuables on the beach. The sand also makes it attractive because the digging takes less time than it would if you had to dig through dirt. You will always be able to find watches, rings, earrings, and coins on the beach because of the makeup of the sand people easily drop and lose valuables there.

After a concert or festival you will always be able to find things such as loose coins and jewelry. This is an area that a lot of people will be congregating all at one time, a festival or concert could be a target rich environment immediately after the event. Always make sure that you are allowed to metal detect at the location before actually starting out. Another good way to possibly make money is to give the location manager your card and let him know that you would be willing to give him your findings back to him if someone called in a lost and found request.

Any place you can possibly think of and a there will always be a chance if you can find something with your metal detector. If you know the right places to look metal detecting will become more profitable and enjoyable. Take some of these tips and start using them today because there is treasure waiting on you.

Source by JC Christian