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A Number of Tips on Finding Coins With a Metal Detector


For many metal detecting for coins can be a very profitable hobby and hopefully the tips on finding coins that we provide below will help you to not only find more but also better coins as well.

1. Searching Previously Metal Detected Areas

Although these types of areas can prove very challenging and there may be finds few and far between there will always be something good left behind. Below are some tips for searching these types of sites.

Before you stay your hunt take a look in the area and come up with a plan for hunting it. Note areas that seem un-obvious to others as most people will often head for the easiest and obvious areas first. Head towards areas where there are bushhes, shrubs or areas that are over grown as these are places that most people will avoid when they are out metal detecting. Also go to areas where you think that have seen less metal detecting traffic such as round by fence lines or side walk strips.

Also dig in areas even if you only get a whisper or hint of something being there. Many people when out searching for coins or any form of treasure will move away from those areas where the signal is not strong.

2. Finding Deep Coins

This is completely different from finding coins that are on the surface (within 1-5 inches of the surface) and will generally give a strong signal. However deep coins are to be found in the 5-10 inch range and the response you get when you sweep the coil over them will be different. Often these coins will not sound solid and repeatable and instead will offer a whisper or jumpy signal that will in a lot of cases sound similar to the signal for rubbish that is located with a metal detector.

The easiest way in order to train your ears so that they become accustomed to detecting deep coins is to dig deep. So any time you pick up a signal that is deep and ifffy then dig.

Hopefully the tips on finding coins provided above will help you when you are metal detecting in the future.

Source by JC Christian